Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How YOU can be a part of our adoption!

We are a few steps closer to adopting!!!

We sold our house in August, and moved to our new place (locally) on September 27th. Amazingly enough, we lived in our previous home for 6 years exactly. Like, to the DAY. We are going to be in our current house for many more years than that. Goodness knows, after the moving experience we had it will be a lonnnnng time before we attempt that again.

The biggest hurdles we have yet to get over are our home study (starting early next year), compiling our dossier (to send to Moldova) and fundraising. 

The good news is that there are many ways YOU can help us bring our daughter home! In the next few weeks I will be posting a fee schedule, outlining a rough estimate of our major expenses. We will be setting up a "gifting" site where people can donate to different needs (flights, fingerprinting, court costs, etc) if desired. We don't want to make people feel like we're begging for money, but if you are wanting a tangible way to be involved in the process, this is it!

For starters, if you shop on, we now have a link that will allow Amazon to deposit a portion of your shopping dollars into our adoption savings account. Don't worry, it's legit. I had to go through a rigorous process to get it set up. Just click on this link: and shop as normal. During checkout (or before) you will be able to sign into your own existing account and still have the portion donated to us. We don't get cash, it gets deposited directly into our account. 

We are hoping to travel to Moldova sometime in late summer or early fall, but between now and then we need roughly $40,000. That seems like a huge number, but with God's help and YOURS we can make it happen.

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